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Can you name the Pokemon that share a category name with at least one other pokemon?

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Armor Pokemon
Automaton Pokemon
Axe Jaw Pokemon
Bagworm Pokemon
Ball Pokemon
Balloon Pokemon
Bat Pokemon
Bee Fly Pokemon
Big Jaw Pokemon
Bird Pokemon
Bite Pokemon
Bivalve Pokemon
Brutal Pokemon
Brutal Star Pokemon
Bubble Frog Pokemon
Butterfly Pokemon
Cactus Pokemon
Cave Pokemon
Cerebral Pokemon
Cheering Pokemon
Clay Doll Pokemon
Cocoon Pokemon
Compass Pokemon
Continent Pokemon
Cottonweed Pokemon
Cricket Pokemon
Dark Pokemon
Darkness Pokemon
Desert Croc Pokemon
Digging Pokemon
Dragon Pokemon
Drill Pokemon
Drowsing Pokemon
Duck Pokemon
Egg Pokemon
Electric Pokemon
EleFish Pokemon
Ember Pokemon
Emotion Pokemon
Eon Pokemon
Fairy Pokemon
Fire Cat Pokemon
Fire Horse Pokemon
Fire Pig Pokemon
Firefly Pokemon
First Bird Pokemon
Fish Pokemon
Five Star Pokemon
Flame Pokemon
Floating Pokemon
Flower Pokemon
Flycatcher Pokemon
Fox Pokemon
Fresh Snow Pokemon
Frost Tree Pokemon
Fruit Pokemon
Gas Pokemon
Gear Pokemon
Generator Pokemon
Goldfish Pokemon
Grass Snake Pokemon
Happiness Pokemon
Head Butt Pokemon
Hostile Pokemon
Hypnosis Pokemon
Iceberg Pokemon
Illuminating Pokemon
Iron Armor Pokemon
Jellyfish Pokemon
Jet Pokemon
Jewel Pokemon
Kite Pokemon
Land Spirit Pokemon
Lava Pokemon
Leaf Pokemon
Licking Pokemon
Light Pokemon
Lightning Pokemon
Long Tail Pokemon
Magnet Pokemon
Manipulate Pokemon
Martial Arts Pokemon
Meditate Pokemon
Meteorite Pokemon
Mock Kelp Pokemon
Mole Pokemon
Mount Pokemon
Mouse Pokemon
Mud Fish Pokemon
Muscular Pokemon
Mushroom Pokemon
Mystic Pokemon
Ninja Pokemon
Owl Pokemon
Penguin Pokemon
Pig Monkey Pokemon
Pincer Pokemon
Playful Pokemon
Poison Gas Pokemon
Poison Moth Pokemon
Poison Pin Pokemon
Prototurtle Pokemon
Psi Pokemon
Pumpkin Pokemon
Puppy Pokemon
Rabbit Pokemon
Rock Pokemon
Royal Pokemon
Scaly Pokemon
Scatterdust Pokemon
Scout Pokemon
Sea Lion Pokemon
Sea Slug Pokemon
Sea Weasel Pokemon
Season Pokemon
Seed Pokemon
Sharp Claw Pokemon
Shellfish Pokemon
Shield Pokemon
Single Bloom Pokemon
Skunk Pokemon
Sludge Pokemon
Soft Tissue Pokemon
Sound Wave Pokemon
Spiny Armor Pokemon
Spiral Pokemon
Stag Beetle Pokemon
Star Shape Pokemon
Starling Pokemon
Sun Pokemon
Superpower Pokemon
Sword Pokemon
Synthetic Pokemon
Tadpole Pokemon
Thunderbolt Pokemon
Tiny Bird Pokemon
Toxic Lizard Pokemon
Toxic Mouth Pokemon
Tundra Pokemon
Vibration Pokemon
Vine Pokemon
Virtual Pokemon
Volcano Pokemon
Water Bird Pokemon
Water Bubble Pokemon
Water Fish Pokemon
Weed Pokemon
Whiskers Pokemon
Wood Gecko Pokemon
Wool Pokemon
Worm Pokemon

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