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Can you name the disease or condition from the celebrities with it?

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Lance Armstrong, Christina Applegate, Sheryl Crow
Stephen Hawking, Lou Gehrig
Dick Clark, James Garner, Kirk Douglas
Wilford Brimley, B.B. King, Bret Michaels
Magic Johnson, Eazy-E, Greg Louganis
Pamela Anderson, Steven Tyler, Naomi Judd
Robert Downey Jr., Stevie Nicks, Eric Clapton
Miles Davis, T-Boz, Larenz Tate
Neil Young, Danny Glover, Lindsey Buckingham
Jason Alexander, Liza Minelli, Martin Scorsese
Richard Nixon, Amy Grant, Tony LaRussa
Bill Clinton, Larry King, Elizabeth Taylor
Nelson Mandela, Tom Jones
Seal, Michael Jackson
Muhammad Ali, Ozzy Osbourne, Michael J. Fox

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