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Actor/Host (Original Channel)AnswerActor/Host (Original Channel)
Charlie Sheen (CBS)Ray Romano (TNT)
David Caruso (CBS)Don Johnson (NBC)
Carroll O'Connor (CBS)Seth Macfarlane* (FOX)
Tim Russert*** (NBC)Peter Tomarken** (CBS)
Della Reese (CBS)David Boreanz (WB)
Henry Winkler (ABC)Renee Jones (NBC)
Tom Baker (BBC)Regis Philbin** (ABC)
Jay Mohr (CBS)Ed O'Neill (FOX)
Ed O'Neill (ABC)Jaleel White (ABC)
John Stamos (ABC)Hugh Laurie (FOX)
Anderson Cooper*** (CNN)Ed Bradley*** (CBS)
Actor/Host (Original Channel)AnswerActor/Host (Original Channel)
Trey Parker* (Comedy Central)Amy Poehler (NBC)
Don Adams (NBC)Tahj Mowry (WB)
Bob Crane (CBS)Hayden Panettiere (NBC)
David Spade (ABC)David Spade (CBS)
Kyla Pratt (UPN)Bonnie Franklin (CBS)
Frankie Muniz (FOX)Patricia Heaton (ABC)
Marlon Wayans (WB)Calista Flockhart (ABC)
Monty Hall** (NBC)Howie Mandel** (NBC)
Tina Fey (NBC)Carlos Alazraqui* (Nickelodeon)
John Astin (ABC)Richard Dawson** (ABC)
Mike Judge* (FOX)Daniel Travanti (NBC)

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