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Can you name the words with silent letters?

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Definition/HintWordSilent Letter(s)
Inflammation of the lungs with congestion
Something that is owed
______'ve, would've, should've
The rook in chess
The leg joint protected by the patella
U.S. Marine _______
Apparition; Soul of a dead person
To plan and fashion skillfully
Jim Carrey movie: _______ & _______er
The pen is mightier than the _______
Vessel used for private cruising, racing, etc
_______ device: ex. ROY G. BIV
Mark Twain for Samuel Langhorne Clemens
Land completely surrounded by water
Bite or chew on, esp. persistently
Gwen Stefani's band: No _______
Francis Bacon claimed this is power
Song praising/honoring a deity or nation
Small square of cloth used especially for wiping the nose or mouth
December 25th
Chronic respiratory disease
Do not confuse this successful, unexpected move with a 2-door car
The A in Q&A
Classical dance form of grace and precision
Diagnosing and treating mental disorders
Definition/HintWordSilent Letter(s)
Winter, Spring, Summer, _______
You should do this before you speak
The Fonz's favorite digit of the hand
A source of credit or distinction
To go up or ascend
4th day of the week
Small fruit or blowing directly on someone's skin esp. the stomach
Grave, sober, or mirthless
OutKast song: ______s over Baghdad
Muscular membranous partition separating abdominal and thoracic cavities
Temporary, conditional pledge of property to a creditor
Synonym of an earlier answer; King David wrote many
Batman is the dark ______
A passageway for inside traffic
Written acknowledgment of money, goods received
Remains of anything broken down
Complete opposite of black
Troll; Lawn ornament
One of two equal parts of a divisible whole
Occupation of Mario and Luigi
Home improvement retailer: The Home _______
What Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss do
Any blade for cutting
Good-looking esp. for a man
Politicians vying for office go on the _______ trail

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