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Can you name the people and things with the initials S.S.?

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Body of water named for the seaweed grown there
Nazi organization
Bob and Mel
Position #6 in baseball
Former name of TBS network
Academy Award winning actress
President's protection
Military person with above human abilities (ex. Captain America)
Asian capital city (with country)
Gospel/R&B group in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Talent show hosted by Ed McMahon
Defensive position in American football
Fictional champion boxer and Vietnam War vet
Cartoon rodent sharing a show with Atom Ant
What your computer should show after not using for a while
NY Giants or Carolina Panthers receiver
Children's game in which one person gives directions
European capital city (with country)
Action star who is now a Reserve Deputy Chief in Louisiana
A way to cut french fries
Chain of supermarkets mostly in the northeastern U.S.
Not trap shooting or sporting clays
Governmental departments that deal with children and their welfare
Matt Hasselbeck's team
Actress famous for her leg-crossing scene
The weekend
Legendary film director
The Amistad for example
City on the Iberian peninsula listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Who wears ______________?

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