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Can you name the portmanteaus from the clues given?

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HintPortmanteauWords Combined
Not officially one of the 3 meals of the day
Jim Henson's creations
Useful utensil no matter if you order soup or salad
Useful to capture memories, i.e. a graduation
The President's State of the Union is distributed this way
Los Angeles' sky is full with this
70's films like Shaft
Usually in a yellow face, :-)
Extravagant showiness
A lot of ladies playing golf or tennis wear this article of clothing
What made the late, great Billy Mays famous
Connects the UK to the European mainland
The Human _______ Project
HintPortmanteauWords Combined
Protect your computer from this harmful stuff
Friends, Gilligan's Island, Cheers, Family Matters, How I Met Your Mother
A crushing blow, but on the beach, it's a lively party
Most prominent cases are children shows like Sesame Street, proving learning can be fun
What Jerry Lewis holds every Labor Day weekend
2004 Adam Sandler film
A place to lodge but as in Super 8, not the Hilton
A place with multiple theaters
Way of saying 2 weeks
A procession of vehicles as seen with funerals
The principal makes announcements over this in school
Air Force uses this for communication, navigation, etc

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