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QUIZ: Can you name the words that end with 'ock'?

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Flintstones' hometown
A 'congenial' Oscar-nominated actress
Heavily matted coil of hair associated with Rastafari movement
Sound of the clock
Leonard Nimoy with points
To secure
Nickname for a Spider-Man villian
Actress on the Walk of Fame, made screen debut opposite of Bette Davis
Sitting by the ______ of the bay
Cut of pork found around ankle joint
Hmm, let's keep this clean- A rooster
I'm sure your grandma loves this show
Temporary installation to control or stop traffic
Slow cooking pot
He 'Super Sized' himself
Used to swing, sleep, or rest, and for Homer, to clone
Type of joke that requires back and forth
_______ of Seagulls
A symbol of Ireland
Follows a number to tell time
Cartoon about a black teenager with electromagnetic powers
The 'S' in NYSE stands for
Everybody hates this guy, maybe because he's 'Bigger and Blacker'
Loose garment worn to protect clothing
A-Team member who was Howling Mad
Textile tube used to indicate wind direction and speed
To ridicule

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