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Western African country whose name means 'Warrior King'A
One of the seven emirates of the United Arab EmiratesB
Special administrative region of ChinaC
World's second longest mountain rangeD
Small landlocked country between Switzerland and AustriaE
Sea between New Guinea and AustraliaF
South American country whose capital is MontevideoG
10th largest city in California and home to Ducks and AngelsH
The northernmost country in AfricaI
Capital of Costa RicaJ
Capital of JapanK
Only Scandinavian country to fit this categoryL
Only Scandinavian country to fit this categoryM
Controversial country of the United KingdomN
Second most populous city of AustraliaO
World's most recent nation to become a republicP
Capital of KenyaR
Contested land between Israel, Egypt, and the Mediterranean SeaS
13th most populous country in the world, it's in AsiaT
Part of the ABC islands of the Leeward AntillesU
Former Portuguese archipelago colony off the western coast of AfricaV
Tributary of the Missouri River sharing the name with a national parkW
Historic city of EgyptX
Transcontinental Arabian countryY
Last admitted state in the contiguous USAZ

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