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HintPersonWhy He/She Is Important
Sociologist, civil rights activist, author- many roles for many names (even abbreviated)
General to Secretary was actually a step up for him
Set records and shut Hitler up while doing so
Was a modern-day 'Moses' who put her people on 'track' to freedom
Jazz musician who was truly royalty (but not a King)
This figure 'marked the spot' for civil rights
With a name like this, she had to be 'honest' when speaking
Mix a dreadlocked professional wrestler with a founding father and get this braniac
This woman has a way with words and the awards to prove it
He had a dream that soon became reality
Whether bee or birdlike, as he would say 'I'm the greatest'
This alliterative actress is probably better known as Carmen
Hey, hey, hey, kids will say the darndest things for a pudding pop
I have a rule of not trusting people with 2 first names but I'd make an exception for this abolitionist
Started a school I assume with some one named Cookman and now has a university named after her in Daytona Beach, FL
HintPersonWhy He/She Is Important
From this great writer's last name, I bet he gave huge hugs
With a name like this he had to go into law, so being a groundbreaking judge fits
Her last name is appropriate as she refused to move
'Dodged' color lines to become great
Even though he lost his case there's no need to 'dread'
I wonder if this almanac author's nickname was BenBan.
This madam was the Oprah of her time
Not the chipmunk, this choreographer revolutionized modern dance
The original Mr. Peanut
Singing the National Anthem may be the one thing this great athlete isn't good at
This writer's first name may put her last on many lists but she was one of the first of her kind
Two first names again but I would've put my life in this surgeon's hands
The name of this actress who 'went with the wind' was Cappie or something close
Never has being the 44th to do something been so historical
Sharing her name with a reindeer, she ran like a gazelle

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