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Can you name the Characters of the Harry Potter Series. WHO AREN'T HARRY, RON OR HERMIONE?

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Name Someone Who...Characters
Destroyed a Horcrux
Flew in the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
Witnessed Albus Dumbledore's Death
Was Petrified by the Basilisk
Was a Triwizard Champion
Was one of the 'Seven Harry's'
Was 'Born to those who thrice defied him, Born as the Seventh Month Dies'
Owned the Elder Wand
Was sorted with them into Gryffindor
Was a member of Dumbledore's Army
Name Someone Who...Characters
Dobby rescued from Malfoy Manor
Provided Part of the Potion that Brought Voldemort back to Life
Spoke Parseltongue
Was a Prefect Along with Ron and Hermione
Fawkes Carried out of the Chamber of Secrets
Owned the Marauders Map
Owned the Resurrection Stone
Owned the Cloak of Invisibility
Was Muggle Born
Fought for the Order/DA in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries

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