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Can you name the answers to these Geology questions where all of the answers begin with 'U' or 'V'?

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The upward movment of part of the Earth's surface
The smallest sample of a substance that has a complete representation of its atomic structure
The idea that processes acting upon the Earth today are the same processes that acted upon it in the past
A contact between two rock units of significantly different ages
Refers to sediment that has not been compacted, cemented, and lithified into a rock
A deep valley with a flat floor and very steep walls; often the result of glacial erosion (#3 above)
A vent in Earth's surface through which molten rock and gases escape
Refers to a rock with very low silica content and abundant darker minerals like olivine and pyroxene
A valley with a narrow bottom; almost always the result of stream erosion (#2 above)
A fracture that has been filled with mineral material (#4 above)
A thin layer of fine-grained sediment deposited in the still waters of a lake
Spherical or elongated cavities common in extrusive igneous rocks
Water that exists between the water table and the ground surface
A rock that has been shaped or polished by the sandblasting effect of wind-blown sand (#1 above)
Pyroclastic flows from this volcano's most famous eruption destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 A.D.
Carboniferous-Permian orogeny that occurred when Siberia and Kazakhstania collided
The resistance of a fluid to flow
An aquifer that is not overlain by an impermeable layer; water levels in any well will match the water table

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