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The study of the Earth's lithospehre, especially its large-scale movement and deformation
This 'three lobed' arthropod class flourished in the early Paleozoic (#2 above)
This Geologic Period saw the heyday of Pangaea, vast deserts, and the first true mammals
Refers to a crystal system having three unequal oblique axes
A boron sorosilicate mineral most famous for its zoned coloring and pleochorism (#1 above)
A reverse fault with a dip typically less than 45°; typical at convergent plate boundaries
#3 above is a very hard nesosilicate amber gem mineral that can take on other colors when heated
A strike-slip fault that connects offsets in a mid-ocean ridge, or links sections of two other fault
An igneous rock composed of pyroclastic materials that have been ejected from a volcano
The shape and geometry of Earth's surface and landforms
An accumulation of angular rock fragments at the base of a cliff or steep slope (#4 above)
The ocean separating Gondwanaland from Laurasia; the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian Seas are its remnants
A porous sand or sandstone with solid hydrocarbons (e.g., bitumen) in the pore spaces
A point where three lithospheric plates meet
Visible characteristics of a rock; includes grain size, rounding/angularity, porosity, foliation, crystallinity…
A graded seafloor deposit resulting from high-density flows with the coarest material at the bottom
The largest volcanic eruption in recorded history was here in 1815; the death toll exceeded 71,000
Also known as 'water bears', members of this hardy phylum of microanimals have survived the vaccuum of space
Fragments of igneous rock blown into the air by volcanic eruptions; including fine dust to large blocks
Unsorted sediment deposited directly by a glacier as it melts in retreat and not reworked by meltwater

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