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Can you name the answers to these Geology questions where all of the answers begin with 'S'?

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A mica-bearing metamorphic rock characterized by strong foliation from undegoing pressure
A composite volcanic cone made up of alternating layers of lava flows and pyroclastics (#1 above)
Subsurface igneous rock body intruded in between nearly horizontal rock layers
This green phylosilicate mineral group is a common product of hydrothermal alteration of olivine
This geologic Period saw diversification of jawed fish and the invasion of land by multicellular organisms
A change in the volume or shape of a rock mass in response to stress
An exposure of soil left by a landslide (also an exposure of the slip plane)
A lowering of the land surface in response to subsurface weathering, collapse, or slow settlement
A trough-shaped fold with youngest strata in the center
Born in England in 1769, he was a pioneer in the fields of stratigraphy and geological mapping
Mound-shaped fossils formed from repeated layering of algal mats covered by trapped sediment (#2 above)
Blue or bluish gem variety of the mineral corundum (#3 above)
A large, stable area of the Earth's crust under low relief
Italian volcano famous for fountains of lava jetting from its lava-filled central crater
Gridded diagram used for structural analysis (#4 above)
The transport of sediment in short jumps and bounces
Clastic sedimentary rock composed of particles between 1/16 and 2 mm in diameter
Low-grade metamorphic rock formed through metamorphism of shale; commonly used as chalkboards
Any unconsolidated deposit of weathering debris, chemical precipitates, or biological debris
A current major or secondary tectonic plate*

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