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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these Geology questions where all of the answers begin with 'Q' or 'R'?

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Microscopic single-celled zooplankton with siliceous skeletons (#2 above); also act as index fossils
A general term used in reference to unconsolidated rock, alluvium or soil material on top of the bedrock
A valley bounded by normal faults formed by crustal extension, like many valleys in East Africa
The geographic area where water infiltrates into the ground and enters an aquifer
A manganese-bearing mineral popular as a gem because of its attractive pink color*
Root systems that have been encased (not replaced) with mineral material matter (#1 above)
A natural aggregate solid substance composed of one or more minerals or mineraloids
An inclined fault with vertical movement; the block above the fault has moved upward relative to the other block
A series of (sub-)parallel ridges in sediment caused by the rhythmic or directional movement of wind or water
The most recent geological Period; it is divided into the Pleistocene and Holocene Epochs
Fine-grained extrusive igneous (volcanic) rocks that are equivalent in composition to granite
A magnitude scale comparing earthquakes based on the amount of energy released
The bending of seismic waves as they enter a material of different density
The break-up of this supercontinent about 700 million years ago may have involved near-global glaciation
A mass of rock material, cemented together by ice, that flows downslope under the force of gravity (#3 above)
A solid state reaction in which the atoms of existing crystals are reorganized in response to heat and/or pressure
This very common mineral has several gemstone varieties and a hardness of 7; also called silica
The red gem-quality version of the mineral corundum (#4 above)

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