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The fossil in #2 above, which is composed of opal that has replaced woody material
An extension of land mostly surrounded by water but still connected to the mainland; like Italy or Kamchatka
Members of this animal phylum (#4 above) have no tissues or organs; they're often nicknamed 'sponges'
A vesicular volcanic glass of granitic composition; some kinds have enough pore space to float on water (#3 above)
Refers to an area adjacent to a glacier or ice sheet
A Hawai'ian term for a lava flow with a smooth or ropy surface texture when cooled (#1 above)
The greatest extiction event in Earth's history occurred at the end of this Geologic Period
A group of inosilicate minerals, including diopside and augite, which are common in mafic igneous rocks
A very coarse-grained igneous rock; usually from rapid crystal growth in the final stages of magma crystallization
This Geologic Era spanned from 541 to 252 million years ago, from the Cambrian radiation to the P/Tr extinction
The volume of pore space in a rock or soil, or the percentage of volume made up by pore space
A mass of stream sediment that contains an economically significant concentration of mineral particles
A sedimentary particle between 4 and 64 mm in size; usually rounded by abrasion
Two minerals with the same chemical composition but different crystal structure
This Geologic Epoch is often colloquially known as the 'Ice Age'
The study of the changes in Earth's life over space and time using rock units and their fossils
An ultramafic, coarse-grained (intrusive) igneous rock that contains abundant olivine (hence the name)
Any current major or secondary tectonic plate*
This supercontinent lasted 300 to 200 million years ago and included nearly all land present at the time
A fast-moving current (up to 450 mph) of hot gas, tephra, and volcanic ash (up to 1000°C)

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