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The release of juvenile gases and water to the surface from a magma source (e.g., from fumaroles)
Rock from which an economically sufficient amount of elements/compounds can be extracted
This Geologic Period saw the highest sea levels of the Paleozoic and major increases in marine biodiversity
This Epoch saw widepsread cooling after the warm Eocene and the opening of the Drake Passage
A crescent-shaped lake that forms when a meandering stream changes course (#2 above)
The most common element in Earth's crust (it comprises 46.6% of crustal mass)
Black or red chalcedony with parallel bands that are usually white in color (#1 above)
Iron/Magnesium nesosilicate especially common in mafic and ultramafic igenous rocks (#3 above)
The principle that sedimentary layers are always deposited (nearly) horizontally
Sorted and stratified sediment deposited in front of a glacier by meltwater streams
An exposure of bedrock formed naturally (e.g., by erosion) or by humans (e.g., by road construction; #4 above)
A dark-colored shale containing an unusual amount of solid organic material (kerogen)
A fluid iron-nickel layer deep within the Earth; thought to influence Earth's magnetic field
A small sphere (millimeters in size) of calcium carbonate with a concentric internal structure
Black, glassy felsic igneous rock that cooled rapdily; used to make sharp blades that kill White Walkers
A fault that has both vertical and horizontal displacement
A mountain-building episode associated with compressive tectonic processes, folding, and reverse faulting

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