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A naturally occurring specimen of a pure element (e.g., gold, copper, lead, platinum)
Exposed rock of a mountain or ridge surrounded by a glacier or ice field (#2 above)
Differential likelihood of survival and reproduction of individuals based on different phenotypes (think Darwin)
A sand dune that forms around vegetation (#1 above)
Sometimes considered the current Geologic Period; it at least covers 23.03 to 2.56 million years ago
Any arch-shaped rock formation produced by weathering and/or erosion that spans a small channel (#4 above)
An inclined fault with vertical movement; the block above the fault has moved down relative to the other block
A large, sheetlike rock mass that moved nearly horizontally above a thrust fault (a.k.a. thrust sheet)
The superseded theory that rocks formed from crystallization of minerals in early Earth's oceans
The phylum also known as roundworms; some inidividuals survived the Space Shuttle Columbia re-entry breakup
A small, spheroidal mineral mass that is more resistant to weathering than surrounding rock (#3 above)
General term for methane and other gaseous hydrocarbons extracted from the ground for fuel
A secondary tectonic plate underlying the eastern Pacific Ocean
A species or sub-species of the genus Homo that went extinct about 40,000 years ago
A sodium- and potassium-bearing feldspathoid mineral occurring in instrusive igneous rocks with low silica
Silicate mineral group with orthosilicate ions (1 silicon and 4 oxygen)

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