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Can you name the rivers of Middle Earth?

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The Great River
Flows from the Stone of Erech
There's a famous ferry across it
It flows through Helm's Deep
Bombur fell into it
Named for the denizens of Fangorn
Barrels are sent down it
Where the Stoors lived
Begins in the Grey Mountain; one of the sources of the Anduin
The border of Gondor and Harad
An Elvish token was left on a bridge over it
Begins near Saruman's Realm
The other source of the Anduin
Northern Border of Rohan
The Grey Havens are at its mouth
The Nazgul were swept away at its fords
In the Morgul Vale, its water is poisonous
Named after a lost Elven maiden
Begins in the Iron Hills (hence the color)
From Erebor to the Sea of Rhun
It passes through Lorien
The 'Gate Stream' that flows past Moria's Doors of Durin
Both Dunharrow and Edoras sit along it
The main river of the Shire
Where Tom found the River Daughter

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