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The boundary between the crust and the mantle; detected by seismology
A stream that has many bends; usually develops on nearly level landscapes
General term for an area that is at a conspicuously higher elevation than surrounding lands
An area of increased dip in otherwise gently dipping strata
Refers to igneous rocks with a large percentage of dark minerals like amphiboles, pyroxenes, and olivine
Group of phyllosilicates with basal cleavage that allows them to break into thin sheets (#3 above)
A copper carbonate with a bright green color (#1 above)
A metamorphic rock made from recrystallized carbonate minerals; popular sculpture material
Molten rock material that occurs below Earth's surface
Alteration of minerals, textures, and composition of rock caused by exposure to heat, pressure, and chemical action
A naturally occurring, inorganic solid with definite chemical composition and ordered internal structure
A rapid and widepsread decline in biodiversity, such as at the end of the Permian and Cretaceous Periods
The largest marine animal phylum, it includes clams and oysters, slugs and snails, and squids and octopi
The ultramafic layer of Earth underlying the crust; the upper part behaves as a very viscous fluid
Talc = 1, Gypsum = 2, Calcite = 3, Fluorite = 4, … , Quartz = 7, Topaz = 8, Corundum = 9, Diamond = 10
General term for any downslope movement of rock, soil, snow, or ice under the influence of gravity
A mound, ridge, or ground covering of unstratified and unsorted till, deposited by glacial action (#2 above)
A network of polygonal shrinkage cracks that open in wet sediments as water slowly evaporates (#4 above)
This Geologic Epoch was marked by global cooling, expansion of grassland, and the rise of the Himalayas
This Geologic Era is known for dinosaurs, Pangaea's break-up, the rise of flowers, and a smashing conclusion

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