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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these Geology questions where all of the answers begin with 'L'?

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The removal of soluble constituents from a rock or soil by moving groundwater or hydrothermal fluids
Deep blue semi-precious stone with white calcite and gold pyrite markings (#4 above)
An accumulation of rock debris along the sides of a glacier in contact with the valley walls
The manner in which light reflects from the surface of a mineral (e.g., metallic, vitreous, silky, dull)
An iridescent blue feldspar mineral and gemstone named for a province of Canada (#1 above)
The process by which sediments become rocks
The movement of rock, soil, volcanic ash or other material, downslope under the influence of gravity
A sedimentary rock consisting of at least 50% calcium carbonate by mass
The giant ice sheet that covered most of Canada during the Pleistocene (2.59 to 0.01 million years ago)
The rigid outer shell of the earth which includes the crust and a portion of the upper mantle
Small volcanic rock materials (usually 2-64 mm in size) formed when magma is ejected by a volcano (#3 above)
A soft, brownish, low-grade coal showing traces of plant structure (#2 above)
A rich accumulation of minerals in solid rock, often in a vein
Fluoride poisoning and famine from this 1783-84 eruption killed 50% of Iceland's livestock and 20% of its people
Molten rock that has erupted onto Earth's surface
The total amount of sediment being carried by a stream or glacier (suspended, dissolved, and along bed)
An igneous intrusion forced between two layered sedimentary rock units*
Author of Principles of Geology; made major contributions to stratigraphy, earthquakes, and volcanoes
A mudflow composed of water and volcanic ash
Refers to the depositional environment or habitat found in lakes

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