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Can you name the answers to these Geology questions where all of the answers begin with 'J' or 'K'?

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A soft blue metamorphic aluminum silicate mineral with perfect cleavage in two directions
Mounds, hummocks or ridges composed of stratified glacial sediments
A planar fracture in rock along which there has been no displacement; common when rocks experience unloading
A common clay mineral used as a whitener, antistick agent, and filler in things like toothpaste, paint, and ceramics
A depression formed in glacial deposits when a buried block of ice melts; often filled with water (#3 above)
Solid organic substances frequently found in shales that can yield gases and liquids when heated
An area of land (often vegetated) surrounded by one or more younger lava flows (#1 above)
A small, low-elevation island formed by deposition of sediment atop a coral reef
An opaque variety of chalcedony known for interesting color patterns caused by impurities (#4 above)
A landscape with caves, sinkholes, and other features formed by subsurface dissolution weathering and erosion
Ultra-mafic volcanic (extrusive) rock formed from magmas originating in the mantle
A variety of diamond-bearing peridotite found in volcanic pipes; thought to have upper mantle origins
This Geologic Period saw the break-up of Pangaea and a proliferation of dinosaurs on land
A high-pressure clinopyroxene often prized as a green, durable gemstone
The 1883 explosion of this Indonesian volcano trigged a tsunami and killed 36,000 people
The current eruption at this volcano began in 1983, with lava flows often reaching the Pacific Ocean (#2 above)

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