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Where Snape kills DumbledoreA
Home of the Weasley'sB
Home of the BasiliskC
Among other things, in contains a 'Brain Room' and a 'Hall of Prophecy'D
Where Hagrid bought Hedwig for Harry (that's a lot of H's)E
Book store where Lucius Malfoy and Arthur Weasley partook in 'muggle dueling'F
Dumbledore's childhood homeG
You cannot apparate within its groundsH
North American wizarding schoolI
Place to buy a Hand of Glory or a Vanishing CabinetK
Home of the RiddlesL
Dobby's former work placeM
Wizard prison holding GrindelwaldN
Home town of the Weasleys, Diggorys, and LovegoodsO
Where to board the Hogwarts ExpressP
Wizarding sports arena (generic name)Q
Bathroom, training room, hiding place, ...R
Where the Marauders went each monthS
First place Hermione thinks of while leaving Bill and Fleur's weddingT
Location of Winstanley's Bookstore & Stationers, where Tom Riddle bought his diaryV
Joke shop in Diagon AlleyW
Joke shop in HogsmedeZ

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