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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these Geology questions where all of the answers begin with 'I'?

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This narrow feature formed 12-15 million years ago between the Americas, separating the Pacific and Atlantic
Gem-quality cordierite; it's name comes from the Greek for 'violet' (#1 above)
A roughly circular depression formed by the violent collision of a smaller object with Earth's surface (#2 above)
The collision of this plate with the Eurasian Plate is currently forming the Himalayas
Class of Arthropod with three-part bodies and chitinous exoskeletons first appearing in the Devonian (#3 above)
The material deposited by a pyroclastic flow; often includes flattened pieces of pumice
The movement of surface water downwards into porous soil
This ancient ocean disappeared early in the formation of Pangaea (about 400 million years ago)
A fossil used for dating and correlating the strata in which it's found (e.g., conodonts and mucrospurifers)
Refers to igneous rocks with 52-63% silica content and a mix of mafic and felsic minerals
The formal name for the primarily iron-nickel solid ball thought to be at the center of the Earth
By mass, the most abundant element on Earth
Refers to coarse-grained crystalline rocks that form from slowly cooling sub-surface magma
This dark grey, weakly magnetic oxide is the Earth's most important titanium ore (#4 above)
A stream that recharges groundwater because its channel lies above the water table
A rock formed by the crystallization or solidification of molten material

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