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A large, common, and colorful nesosilicate mineral group; the most famous form is a red gemstone
Attractive mineral materials; often rare, valuable, cut fancily, and worn for personal adornment
Both for its blocky habit and chemical formula (PbS), #2 above is sometimes called the 'TV mineral'
The study of Earth's surface, including the origin, description, and classification of landforms
Most of today's southern hemisphere landmasses were once part of this ancient supercontinent
An elongated, downthrown block bounded by two normal faults that dip steeply in opposite direction
A mafic intrusive igneous rock composed of calcium feldspar, pyroxenes, and olivine, but little or no quartz
The leaf in #4 above is from a tree considered a 'living fossil'; it is the only living species in its division
A mass of moving land ice formed by the compaction and recrystallization of accumlated snow (#3 above)
Hollow, vaguely spheroid masses with precipitated minerals lining the inside (#1 above)
A coarse-grained metamorphic rock with compositional banding
Ecuadorian volcanic island group overlying a spreading ridge and hotspot; its finches famously studied by Darwin
This dense, soft, malleable elemental mineral is often used as jewelry, as currency, and in electronics
Rounded clasts exceeding 2 mm in size; commonly used as a road surface
The study of the Earth, the materials of which it is made, their structure, and the processes acting upon them
Plants of this group produce 'naked seeds'; the group includes conifers and cycads
A felsic intrsuive igneous rock composed of light-colored minerals like quartz, orthoclase, and muscovite
A hot spring that intermittently erupts a spray of steam and hot water
Water that exists below the water table (and below Earth's surface)

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