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It contains a lidless eye that never sleeps.Mordor
One of the towers that guards the Black Gate.Mordor
Frodo was held captive here by Shagrat and Gorbag. Mordor
The stronghold of the Necromancer, it was attacked by the White Council shortly before the Battle of Five Armies.Mirkwood
A castle that guards the Isenmouthe in northern Mordor.Mordor
The castle that guards the entrance to Helm's Deep.Rohan
Saruman dwelt in a tower at the center of this great fortification.Wizard's Vale
Now the city and tower of the Nazgûl, it was once a stronghold of Gondor.Mordor
The white city and tower of Gondor, it goes by several names.Gondor
One of the towers that guards the Black Gate.Mordor
A tower of unbreakable black stone, it once housed a palantír.Wizard's Vale
An old watchtower built by Elendil, it once housed a palantír.Arnor

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