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The calcium carbonate shells of these microscopic zooplankton (#3 above) are used in paleoclimate reconstruction
An ancient oceanic plate that subducted under North America; the Nazca and Cocos plates are remnants
The removal and segregation of mineral precipitates from a melt, such as when magma cools
A large silicate mineral group that makes up over 50% of Earth's crust
General name for amorphous silica masses shaped by lightning striking sediment (#1 above)
A fracture or fracture zone in rock along which movement has occurred (causing an earthquake)
Any volcano with an observed eruption (1630-2016)*
A point beneath Earth's surface where an earthquake is thought to have originated (i.e., hypocenter)
The result of giant volcanic eruptions that cover a large area with massive amounts of mafic lava
A type of chert that occurs in marly limestone or chalk; used as a cutting edge, building material, and fire igniter
Remains, imprints or traces of an ancient organism that have been preserved in the rock record
Any separation in a geologic formation that divides the rock into two or more pieces
A bend or flexure in a rock unit (or series of units) caused by crustal movements (think ductile, not brittle)
A vent that emits hot gases, usually associated with past or current magmatic activity below (#2 above)
The planar or layered characteristics of metamorphic rocks resulting from high pressure and/or temperature
A deep, narrow, steep-walled, U-shaped valley that was eroded by glaciers and later flooded with sea water
A mass of rock that can be recognized and mapped by its composition, structures, or fossil content
Adjective for light-colored igneous rocks; often including quartz, muscovite, and orthoclase
The mineral in #4 above is calcium fluoride, or more commonly…

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