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Can you name the answers to these Geology questions where all of the answers begin with 'E'?

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A long cliff separating two relatively flat areas at different elevations (#1 above)
A long, winding ridge of sorted sand and gravel; often a glacial deposit
The physical weathering of an outcrop by the removal of rock in concentric layers (#4 above)
A major tectonic plate containing most of Eruope and Asia, and parts of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans
Any volcano with an observed eruption (1874-2016)*
A 'spiny-skinned' phylum of animal known for showing 5-point radial symmetry (e.g., #2 above)
A volcanic eruption dominated by the ouflow of lava
A piece of rock that differs in size and composition from rocks native to the area in which it rests (#3 above)
A green to black sorosillicate mineral bearing Fe, Ca, and Al; common in metamorphic rocks
The last of the Proterozoic, this period saw some strange biota unlike anything in the following Cambrian Explosion
The point on the Earth's surface directly above the point where an earthquake or underground explosion occurs
A trembling of the earth caused by the sudden release of energy stored in subsurface rocks
Refers to igneous rocks that are erupted from volcanoes and crystallize at the Earth's surface
Gemstone name of the mineral beryl when it has a rich green color
A volcanic eruption dominated by the ejection of material through the air
On the Geologic Timescale, the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenzoic are the three most recent
A broad, flat area of desert covered with wind-swept sand but little or no vegetation
This recent epoch contained a wide variety of climates, including the warmest in the Cenozoic
A stream whose channel lies below the water table; groundwater flows into it
The wearing away and movement of earth materials, such as by gravity, wind, water and ice

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