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A change in the shape of a rock unit experiencing stress/strain; may be folding (ductile) or faulting (brittle)
Geologic period from about 419 to 359 million years ago; also known as the 'Age of Fish'
Elongated hills formed from deposits of till compacted and sculpted under a glacier
The plant-like single-celled planktonic primary producer with a silica shell in #4 above
An intermediate intrusive igneous rock pictured in #3 above
A vertical or sub-vertical sheet of rock that fills a crack in a pre-existing body of rock
English naturalist most famous for developing the theory of evolution by natural selection
A break in sedimentation that produces a time gap in a the sedimentary record
The settling of suspended sediments and precipitation of chemical sediments
Unsorted terrigenous sediment (often glacial) containing particles ranging from clay to boulders (#2 above)
A large igenous province of flood basalt in India that began forming about 66 million years ago
A boundary between two lithospheric plates that are pulling apart; extension and normal faulting common
The angle a rock unit, fault, or other rock feature makes with a horizontal plane
Changes to sediment after deposition (including compaction, cementation, leaching and replacement)
A diverse clade of reptiles that were the dominant terrestrial vertebrates from 200 to 66 million years ago
Sediment deposit forming where a stream enters a standing body of water; often shaped like a Greek letter
A felsic extrusive igneous rock with a composition between andesite and rhyolite
The hardest natural material and common engagement gemstone
A mound or ridge of wind-blown sand (#1 above)
A green pyroxene mineral containing Mg and Ca that is most common in basalt, andesite, and marble

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