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A solid precipitate that forms within the pore spaces of sediment, binding them into sedimentary rock
A bowl-shaped depression with very steep sides that forms at the head of a mountain glacier (#2 above)
A clastic sedimentary rock that contains rounded pebble-sized particles (a rock made of other rocks!)
The stable portion of continental lithospheric plate that has not been deformed for at least 1 billion years
Fossilized feces; technically a trace fossil
A clastic mineral particle smaller than 1/256 mm, or a type of hydrous phyllosilicate mineral
Technically, a natural underground space large enough for a human to enter (#4 above)
One of the Periods in the Geologic Timescale*
A greenish phyllosilicate commonly found as an alteration product of mafic minerals
A cone-shaped hill made by the ejection of pyroclastic material from a volcanic vent (#3 above)
One of the current minor/secondary tectonic plates*
A phylum of animal with two body forms: mobile medusae and sessile polyps
These 'sea lillies' (#1 above) were much more abundant in the Paleozoic, sometimes forming thick limestone beds
The primary mineral component of limestone and marble; fizzes when exposed to hydrochloric acid
Refers to materials with ordered internal structures of atoms in regular, repeating arrangements through space
A sedimentary particle that is larger than a pebble (64 mm) but smaller than a boulder (256 mm)
A line on a map of constant elevation
A boundary where two lithospheric plates are moving toward each other, often initiating an orogeny
A large, bowl-shaped crater formed by the collapse of a volcanic cone
The outermost portion of the (solid) Earth, composed primarily of basaltic and granitic rocks

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