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Often confused with bivalves, these 'lamp shells' (#1 above) were devastated during the Permian extinction
A long narrow island composed of sediment that parallels a shoreline
The largest particle of sediment occuring in streams (greater than 256 mm in size); fun to climb
An isolated rock formation with steep sides and a small, flat top, like Devil's Tower above (#3 above)
A weathering product of other rocks and the world's main aluminum ore
A stream composed of a network of multiple small channels
A rock composed of angular fragments of minerals or other rocks supported by a fine-grained matrix
A mineral used as a weighting agent in petroleum well drilling mud; known for forming 'desert roses'
His 'reaction series' describes the process of fractional crystallization in a typical basaltic magma
Mafic extrusive igneous rock and predominant rock type of oceanic crust
The disruption of sediment and soil by plants and animals
Difficult and dry terrain (#4 above) where soft sedimentary rocks are eroded by wind and water
Iron/Magnesium-bearing mica with a vitreous luster and bird's eye extinction under cross-polarized light
A map of ocean depth (i.e., the topography of the ocean floor)
Many of these rock units with alternating Fe-rich and Fe-poor layers are related to Precambrian oxygen levels
Famous shale formation in the Canadian Rockies that has soft-bodied fossils from the Cambrian Period
A very large igneous rock intrusion; famously found in the Sierra Nevada of California
A phylum of mostly colonial filter feeders; common fossils in Paleozoic rocks (#2 above)
Solid rock lying beneath any surface cover like soil, sediment, and vegetation

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