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Can you name the answers to these Geology questions where all of the answers begin with 'A'?

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One of the current tectonic plates that was once part of Gondwanaland*
Either end member on the Ca-Na continuum of plagioclase feldspar*
Eon of Earth's history (4 to 2.5 billion years ago) during which the first continental crust formed
Extrusive igneous rock of intermediate composition often found at convergent plate margins
Glacially carved feature picutred above (#1)
A natural rock exposure through which a hole has completely formed; pictured above (#3)
Animal phylum with the most extant species; having segmented bodies and exoskeletons
Formal name for the theory that dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid impact
A North American orogeny associated with the formation of Pangaea*
Subclass of mollusc not to be confused with modern nautiloids that went extinct at the K/T boundary
In 1837, he was the first to scientifically propose that Earth was subject to a past ice age
Cone-shaped stream deposit of sediment pictured above (#2)
Soft-bodied animal phylum with multiple circular segments
Cryptocrystalline variety of silicia (quartz) often used in jewelry
Upper region of the mantle that is ductilely deforming
A polymorph of kyanite pictured above (#4) named for a region in southern Spain

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