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Finish the quote: 'Everything in the Close is as it was; and...
What is Stephen Wheatly's German name?
What is adult Stephen's job?
What is adult Keith's Job?
What house is now called 'Number 6'?
How did Geoff die?
Who was the real spy?
What does Stephen realise may have been the entire reason for the visit?
What does his school friends conclude caused the bandages on his neck?
What must he tend to each week with his children?
What was the reason RAF pilots had the mapped scarf on their person?
What was Stephens Aunt killed by in her cellar?
Finish the quote: 'Even as he stood in front of the church door in his RAF uniform later, with...
When is the first point Stephen retrospectively points out he knew the tramp was Uncle Peter?
Where did Keith go 'away' to?
Finish the quote: 'a cravat still high...
What was the religion of the people in Trewennick?
What is the german word used by Stephen's father and now by him?
What did Stephens parents do within a year of one another?
What was in the place of 'this dull service station next to the roundabout?

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