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Can you name the Simpsons characters A-Z?

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AFather of Homer Jay Simpson
BCan be found swimming in the the ponds and lakes around Springfield; probably has excellent vision
CUsually heard yelling 'Skinner!!!'
DServed many distasteful things to the students, including whole beef hearts, horse testicles, and shredded newspaper.
ELou's partner
FThe Tony Soprano of Springfield
GHas been employed as a realtor, lawyer, Kwik E Mart clerk, newpaper salesman, telemarketer, mall santa and security guard
HProprietor of the military antique store
IChief Wiggum's deceased father
JSelma's pet iguana
KEvil tentacled cycloptic aliens from the planet Rigel 7
LDonut shop mascot
MCat burglar that lives in the Retirement Castle
NApu's last name (good luck with the spelling)
OKicked off of the Pin Pals to make room for Mr. Burns
PDied returning to his home planet
QThe erra, mayor of Springfield
RFilm credits include a self titled movie, the sequel 'Bring On The Sequel', and third installment 'Oh God, Not Again'.
SBart's prize from a radio contest
TOne of the twins in Bart's class
UOverwieght student with a German accent and attire
VPrincipal at Shelbyville Elementary
WShared the gift of the shinning with Bart in Treehouse of Horror V
X*Flies Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl home to safety on her back in Treehouse of Horror X
YHas a 1 word catch phrase
ZOne of Cletus and Brandine's children and the only Simpson's character that I can think of that begins with 'Z'

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