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Can you name the Prince songs whose title begin with a number?

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Lyrics fragmentSongAlbum
There's a theocratic order
U didn't answered your phone
I'm all gone like the horns in this song
Everybody's got a bomb
I made u a couple of times and so u made me a star
We playin' D-flat in the funk
U can take revenge or u can be the one 2 break the chain
I wanna kiss u, but baby, I dare not try, or my dreams most surely will come true
Cat, what's happenin' babe?
Lyrics fragmentSongAlbum
Hey mommy, it's loco right?
My camera, u and me alone
Last night I wanted some inspiration but I didn't have any dreams
Ultimately the only one that can save u is u
Eternity is just one kiss away
The meek shall inherit the earth
March was a cold one in more ways than one
And before us animosity will stand and decree
(2009 instrumental)

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