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Lookin' out the window of a big black limousine
Don't let your children watch television until they know how to read
If the wind blew every petal from your precious red rose, would U be afraid of what U'd find inside?
I can tear sh*t up ya'll that's my style
I just hate 2 see an erection go 2 waste
Minor G is the chord of pleasure
Is this my sweet savior or the devil in disguise?
On a dare I wanna see if she will share the kinda toys she uses when I'm not there
4 everytime she said the words another one of his doubts were gone
The 80's are over and the time has come 4 a new proclamation of love and fun
Les enfants qui mentent ne vont pas au paradis
Strip your dress down like I was strippin' a Peter Paul's Almond Joy
We don't have 2 make love 2 have an orgasm
I wanna make U climb this chain around my waist
You want your girlfriends to hate u cuz they can't get ur man
Negros from Brooklyn play the bass pretty good, but the ones from Minneapolis play it like it oughta should
For a love like ours is never out of season
Who said that 2 kill is a sin, then started every single war that our people been in?
Without God, it’s just the blind leading the blind
Don't abuse children, or else they turn out like me
Bow down muthafucka
Love, like a rose in bloom
Genius is the only way 2 describe u
I'm thinkin' about the redneck **** who thinks he's the boss
I've got a sugarcane that I wanna loose in u
Cheap perfume all over those burgundy stockings
If I leave my front door open would u come and visit me?
Gustav Mahler #3 is jamming on the box
I will start by telling U how smart and intelligent a curve your behind has
If the white house is black we gotta take the radio back

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