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The cellular structure contains nuclei.
Gases trapped in the planet's interior are released.
A large rotating cloud of interstellar dust and gas.
Exploding stars produce all of the elements heavier than iron and spew them into interstellar space.
Limestone mats built up by lime-accreting bacteria.
The idea that rifting and dispersal of one supercontinent is followed by a long period during which the fragments are gradually reassembled into a new supercontinent with a differe
Accumulated on the seafloor and those early iron oxide deposits created alternating layers of iron-rich rocks and chert.
Asteroid-size objects of matter that gradually coalesced into clumps that collided and stuck together.
Is not separated from the rest of the cell by a nucleus.
Large landmasses that conatin all of nearly all the existing continents
The formation of large crustal provinces that accreted with others of form even larger crustal blocks.
Clumps of matter that the planetesimals were made with repeated collisions and accretion.

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