Junior Vocabulary List 8

Can you name the Junior Vocabulary List 8?

(v.) 1) to ooze out. 2) give off; EMANATEn/a
(adj.) 1) humorous; DROLL. 2) flippant; not serious; FATUOUSAntnoyms: 1) DOLEFUL; DOLOROUS. 2) AUGUST; GRANDIOSE
given to causing dissensions or DISCORDAntonyms: AFFABLE COMPATIBLE; COMPLAISANT; CONVIVIAL. Connections: ____ people are often ACERBIC, ACRIMONIOUS; CAUSTIC or BELLICOSE
(adj. or adv.) 1) glad or willing; AMENDABLE; COMPLAISANT. 2) gladly; willinglyAntonym: AVERSE
(n.) a mistake in logic; an erroneous idean/a
(adj.) 1) uncultivated or unplanted, said of land. 2) inactive; untrained, said of a mind; DERELICT; DESULTORY; EFFETEAntonyms: 1) FECUND. 2) ASTUTE; ASSIDUOUS; DISCERNING; FECUND
(adj.) 1) hard to please; very critical; CAPTIOUS. 2) affectedly dainty; DEMUREConnection: 1) A ____ person does not CONDONE mistakes.
(adj.) silly; foolish; FACETIOUSAntonyms: AUGUST; GRANDIOSE. Connection: DOGGEREL is often ____
(adj.) workable; possible; practicleAntonym: CHIMERICAL
(adj.) 1) weak; ineffetive; spiritless; apathetic. 2) thoughtless; careless; irresponisble; DERELICT; DESULTORYAntonyms: 1) EFFICACIOUS; FORMIDABLE. 2) ASSIDUOUS; ASTUTE; DISCERNING
(adj.) highly productive; prolificAntonyms: EFFETE; FALLOW
to pretendConnections: DEMURE people ____ DIFFIDENCE. FASTIDIOUS people ____ daintiness.
(adj.) appropriately expressed; APPOSITE; APTAntonym: cliched
(adj.) malodorous; foul-smelling; sewerishAnalogy- AROMA : DELECTABLE as stench : ____
(n.) 1) an object believed to have magical powers. 2) anything held in unreasoning devotionConnections: A ____ is a BAUBLE to which people ASCRIBE magical power or too much importance.
1) (n.) a chain. 2) (v.) to chainConnection: 1) a ____ is intended to CURTAIL a person's movement.
(n.) a ridiculous and total failure; DEBACLEAntonyms: ACME; ECLAT. Connection: When plans go AWRY, the result can be a ____.
(adj.) changeable; CAPRICIOUS; fluctuating in one's interests.Antonyms: EQUABLE. Connections: A DILLETANTE is ____ in his/her interests. A person characterized by EQUANIMITY is not ____.
(adj.) 1) imaginary; not real, as a work of literature. 2) false; assumed for deception; as an alias. 3) FEIGNED; similated; not really feltn/a
(v.) to steal items which are not worth much, or BAUBLESAnalogy- company : EMBEZZLE as BAUBLES : ____
(n.) 1) a crack in the earth; CLEAVAGE. 2) disagreement; DISCORDConnections: 1) A CATACLYSM would cause ____ in the earth. 2) People who are ACERBIC or BELLICOSE ESTRANGE others and create ____ in their relationships with them
(adj.) showy; ornate; GAUDYAntonyms: BLAND; DRAB. Connections: ____ people become the CYNOSURE of all eyes. Someone too ____ might be BIZARRE.
(v.) literally, to strip the skin from by whipping; to scold severely; EXCORIATEConnections: Someone characterized by ASPERITY would ____ the CULPABLE party.
(adj.) 1) moving fast; speedy; EXPEDITIOUS. 2) lacking permanence or substance; EPHEMERAL; EVANESCENTAntonym: 1) DILATORY
(v.) 1) to waver; move up and down or back and forth. 2) to change in an irregular wayConnections: FICKLE people ____ in their feelings or positions.
(n.) a minor flaw or shortcoming; an oddity or peculiarity in a person; ABERRATION; something ANOMALOUS or something which DEVIATES from the usual or expected.Connections: The ____ of a BALMY person are usually minor; the ____ of a BIZARRE person are often EGREGIOUS.
(adj.) relating to public debaten/a
(adj.) dreadfully powerfulAntonym: FECKLESS
(adj.) happening by chance; ADVENTITIOUSn/a
(v.) 1) to stumble and fall, said of a person. 2) to fill with water and sink, said of a boat. 3) to break down, collapse, or fail, said of a company or governing group.n/a
(n.) a noisy argument; ALTERCATION; a brief period of DISCORD.Antonym: AMITY
(adj.) sparing of expenditure; care with money, but not miserly.Antonym: bountiful
(adj.) 1) offensively insincere; GLIB. 2) nauseatingly repulsive; FETIDn/a
(adj.) secretive; CLANDESTINE; COVERTAntonyms: ARTLESS; CANDID. Connections: CABALS and collaborators are ____ organizations. CONCLAVES are secret or ____ meetings.
(adj.) uselessAntonym: EFFICACIOUS
(v.) to deny; contradict; declare falseAntonyms: AVER; AVOUCH; CORROBORATE
(n.) an entire range from one extreme to anothern/a
(n.) a wreath of flowersAnalogy- ASTRAL bodies : CONSTELLATION as flowers : GARLAND
(v.) to gather; accumulate; collectAntonym: DISSEMINATE
(adj.) 1) talkative; chatty. 2) rambling; DISCURSIVE; CIRCUMLOCUTORYAntonym: 1) BRUSQUE
(adj.) 1) clumsy. 2) socially awkward; CRASSAntonym: 1) DEXTEROUS
(adj.) showy; FLAMBOYANTConnections: A BAUBLE is often ____.
(adj.) thin; haggard; CADAVEROUS; EMACIATEDn/a
(adj.) relevant; on the topic; APPOSITE; APTAntonym: EXTRANEOUS
1) (n.) a jeer, taunt, sneer, or scoff. 2) (v.) to mock; scoff at; DEPREATE or DERIDE or use DEROGATORY language towardConnection: CYNICAL people ____ at others.
(v.) 1) to encircle or enclose, especially with a belt or band. 2) to equip or arm for action or a battle. 3) to invest with power or personal qualities.n/a
(adj.) speaking or spoken in a way too smooth and easy to be convincing; FULSOMEConnections: CANT is ____. People who BLANDISH are ____
1) (adj.) flimsy; gauzy, said of cloth. 2) (n.) flimsy or gauzy materialConnections: CHERUBIC, DEMURE or ETHEREAL creatures often wear ____ or ____ clothing.
(adj.) grand; imposing; pompous; AUGUST; BOMBASTIC; BUMPTIOUS; FORMIDABLEAntonyms: 1) said of a person, ABJECT; BLAND or DRAB. 2) said of writing or speech, BANAL.

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