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Can you name the F1 drivers by their biographical and career descriptions given?

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Name any of the four drivers who rescued Niki Lauda in Germany '76
An Italian driver who had 'Crash' in his nickname and holds an antirecord in F1
The only Brazilian F1 race winner who has no wins in Brazil
He was warned about a running deer (it was in 2001)
He overtook Michael Schumacher and Mark Webber on the last laps of 2010 Chinese GP
First ever GP2 champion
'In comparison with him, even Giovanni Lavaggi looked like Tazio Nuvolari'; driver from Switzerland, competed for Pacific
An Australian driver who runs a charity cycling marathone in Tasmania
His only race was Belgium 2014
Lewis Hamilton overtook him and won his first title
The biggest ice cream fan in F1
'If he was an undertaker, people would stop dying' (c) Mario Andretti
The only F1 driver from the native country of Fryderyk Chopin
He finished 4th in USA 2005
His nickname is 'Pupo'
A German driver who is the only winner for Toro Rosso
An Italian winemaker born in Pescara
Driver who overtook both Scuderia Ferrari drivers at the start of China '16 while representing Red Bull, eventually finishing third
A great cycling fan from Spain; he considered Honda engine a 'GP2 engine'
Five-time Le Mans winner for Audi, F1 driver in 1989-1991
His home town is located in Croatia
Driver whose accident caused Crashgate
He battled Fernando Alonso for a win in Malaysia 2012
Great motorcycle driver, known as 'Mike The Bike'; rescued Clay Regazzoni in South Africa '73 and received George Medal
His brother competed for Jordan, Williams and Toyota and won 6 races
David Coulthard failed to overtake him for more than 30 laps in Monaco 2001
A British driver who never scored points in F1 but won Le Mans 1998 for Porsche
French driver who won a race finished by just three drivers
A British driver who received 2014 and 2015 Russian GP prize from Vladimir Putin
A British driver who won a race having pitted six times
A German Force India driver who achieved a pole position and lap lead in Brazil but has even no podiums in his entire career
A British driver who disputed Mike Hawthorn's disqualification
First ever teammate of Fernando Alonso
A Japanese driver who overtook Fernando Alonso in Montreal (2007)
A Spanish nobleman who participated in Olympic Games (bobsleigh)
A British driver who became DTM champion in 2010
An Italian former Force India driver whose nickname means a scientific profession
He made a wonderful birthday present to Sir Frank Williams in Barcelona
A driver from New Zealand who founded one of the most successful F1 teams
He was a pizza delivery boy at the Brazilian GP when he was young

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