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Trivial PursuitGame of Thrones
Which island is famous from its wine?

What is the only known dothraki City?

What is the second largest region in Westeros by area?

What is the continent East of Westeros Called?

Where were unsullied trained?

Oakenshield is a Shield Island. What else is it?

What animal did Penny ride in the mocking jousts?

What animal did Oppo ride in the mocking jousts?

How many dishes were served at the purple wedding?(write)

Name an entertainment mean at the purple wedding? Not counting singers, fools or dwarfs.

What is the biggest and most extravagant fighting pit in Meereen?

Name the most mentioned Mummer.

Trivial PursuitGame of Thrones
Who Completed Harrenhal?

Who were against each other in Dance of the Dragons?

Which year did Aegon I the Conqueror die?

In which Targaryen Civil war were Daeron II and Daemon I against each other?
Which tournament did Rhaegar (the Last Dragon) win?

What is the Wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey Called?

Who was credited with the authorship of An History of the Great Sieges of Westeros?

Which song was made after Reynes destruction?

What is the first line in the Song of the Seven?

Where is representational art of the seven aspects usually found?

In which song is 'Oh the smallfolk have stolen my forests, they’ve stolen my rivers and hills.' taken?

What is a song about a man who slept with the wife of a Dornishman?

Trivial PursuitGame of Thrones
What is a white tree with red leaves and face called?

In which region are lemontrees mostly found?

What is a white lion found in Dothraki Sea called?

What is the largest river in the Reach?

What is the huge lake in the southeastern Riverlands called?

What is the large forest near Deepwood Motte called?

What game Tyrion played with Young Griff?

Who won the Tournay at Lannisport (289)

Where were Tourney on Prince Joffrey's name day held?

What wine is said to be as dark as blood and as sweet as vengeance?

How much money was the main prize of Hand's Tournay?

Name a game that Robert Arryn likes to play.

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