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Can you name characters who talk about justice in Game of Thrones?

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In the name of King Robert and the good Lords you serve, I call upon you to seize him and help me return him to Winterfell to await the King's justice
Because we'll never be safe until the Lannisters are defeated. And because I believe in justice
When the gods judged my brother guilty, I helped him escape their justice. What atonement do I deserve?
We just went over this, boy. Justice can wait
I want to bring those who have wronged me to justice. And all those who have wronged me are right here
Thank you, High Septon, for bringing them whatever justice they deserve in the eyes of the Seven.
And what about what I want? Justice for my sister and her children
I will answer injustice with justice
**** justice, then. We'll get revenge. Drink
In the days before the Targaryens, the Faith Militant dispensed the justice of the Seven
The Warrior punishes those who believe themselves beyond the reach of justice. But the Mother shows her mercy to those who kneel before her
Sometimes it is better to answer injustice with mercy
Jaime has fled the city. Give me leave to bring him back to justice
I'm not fighting for justice if I don't serve justice to murderers in my ranks, no matter how highborn
Too often the wicked or the wealthiest be on the reach of justice
I serve the gods. The gods demand justice
Is this how justice is done in the Vale? You accuse me of crimes, I deny them, so you throw me into a cell to freeze and starve? Where is the King's justice?
There's no justice in the world. Not unless we make it
I charge you to bring the King's justice to the false knight Gregor Clegane and all those who shared in his crimes
Is that what you tell yourself at night? You're a servant of justice?
If I got justice, my burnt body would hang over the gates of Winterfell
They watch over all of us, ready to dole out mercy or justice. Their world is at hand
But it's not a crime to starve. That's justice for you
Vengeance, justice, fire and Blood
You escaped, do you hear me? You got away and you're never going back. We'll get justice for you
Well, I too have heard tales of your beauty and grace, but the tales do not do you justice, My Lady
Not much justice to be meted out in suicide, is there?
~What is a good king's single most important quality?~ Justice.
We cannot escape the justice of the gods...
I will not give my life for Joffrey's murder. And I know I'll get no justice here. So I will let the gods decide my fate. I demand a trial by combat
I'm talking about justice
~Who do you think you are?~ Justice
All we can give him now is justice
If you want justice, you've come to the wrong place
It reminds me of where I come from and where I am now. It reminds me of your justice
You'll die soon enough, dog. But it won't be murder, only justice
If your Gods are real and if they are just, why is the world so full of injustice?
When I watched the Mad King die, I remembered him laughing as your father burned... It felt like justice
Is it justice to answer one crime with another?
I did not take this city to preside over the injustice I fought to destroy
It's not about justice. I told the wildlings we had over a thousand men at Castle Black. Karl and the others know the truth as well as we do
But the Mad King gave his enemies the justice he thought they deserved. And each time, it made him feel powerful... and right... until the very end
I cannot give you back your homes or restore your dead to life, but perhaps I can give you justice
You help me serve justice to the king's assassins and I will help you serve justice to Elia's
a woman who has not spent a single day of her adult life in Westeros becomes the ruler of Westeros? That's justice?
You want justice, Lord Royce. I can hardly complain about that
It will be enough to know that justice was done, My Lord
If it is justice that you want, be smart about it
He speaks damn well with his sword though. Ser Ilyn Payne, the King's justice. The royal executioner
It won't be murder. It'll be justice
A great injustice has been done to them. Closing your eyes will not undo it
With all my heart, my lady. But the Imp is half my size. It would be shameful to slaughter such a man and call it justice.
May the Mother grant them mercy. May the Father give them such justice as they deserve
When confronted with my crime, I blamed a squire. Poor boy was flogged and I escaped justice
The Lannisters robbed them of their sons, she robbed them of their justice

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