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Who Said these quotes about honor in Game of Thrones Season 3 and 4?

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You honor me. I swear I will uphold your name and your tradition.Season 4
A man without honor.Season 3
But we thank you for paying us the honor of your visit.Season 4
On my honor as a Tully, on my honor as a Stark, let him go or I will cut your wife's throat.Season 3
They tell you about honor, pardoning crimes, and protecting the realm, but shoveling really is most of it.Season 3
But only if she's alive, her honor unbesmirched.Season 3
The honor of riding by your side on the road to Meereen.Season 4
Lady Sansa, it is my honor to present my grandmother...Season 3
You know what they call me? Kingslayer. Oathbreaker. Man without honor.Season 4
From House Tyrell and the people of the Reach, Your Grace, it is my honor to present you with this wedding cup.Season 4
If you think your bloody honor comes before...Season 4
It's not meant as an honor.Season 4
Your Grace does me a great honor.Season 4
He fought with honor, as did you.Season 4
Men who fight for gold have neither honor nor loyalty.Season 3
And a man of honor keeps his vows, even if he's serving a drunk or a lunatic.Season 3
Your Grace, freshly forged in your honor.Season 4
You know what's wrong with honor?Season 4
I shall be honored, your Grace.Season 4
It's a great honor to carry your house sigil.Season 3
My bloody honor is beyond repair, but my answer is still no.Season 4
That honor goes to Ser Jorah and Ser Barristan as neither of them kept me waiting this morning.Season 4
The honor is mine, my queen.Season 3
Then it is my honor to receive you.Season 4
And the drummers... Is that a great honor, too?Season 3
Lord Tywin, it's a great honor to have been granted a seat on this council.Season 4
It would be a great honor, of course.Season 4
I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch for this night and all the nights to come!Season 4
How to fight with honor?Season 4
Family, honor, all that horseshit.Season 4
I should be honored to meet him.Season 4
My honored quests... Be welcome within my walls and at my table.Season 3

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