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Can you name characters in a Song of Ice and Fire whose fates are unknown?

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Was he killed by the Mountain? Or is he really the one who they call Young Griff?
This is really a mystery only to some characters from the books, but who really is Robert Strong?
Wetnurse of Starfall who is involved in the mystery of Jon Snow's parrents.
Stannis Baratheon named him castellan of Dragonstone. What happened to him after the siege is not known.
First Ranger of Castle Black who went ranging beyond the Wall and have yet to return back.
Poor boy, he was burned crispy by a dragon. Or was he?
Former master at arms of Castle Black who went ranging beyond the Wall. Melisandre said that he would not return.
People seem to think that she committed suicide because of grief for her lost ones. But could she be still alive?
Ranger of Castle Black sent by Jon to scout beyond the Wall with former master at arms. Melisandre said that they would not return.
A Lannister boy missing ever since the Riots of Kingslanding. Where could he be?
Daughter of Rodrik Cassel. She was sent to Dreadfort after the Sack of Winterfell.
He was sent to lead the relief fleet to Hardhome by Lord Commander Snow. Melisandre said that he would not return.
He was a fierce warrior before he started digging graves.
Bran's travelling companion. But what happened to him?
He was last seen scaling a mountain in the Skirling Pass.
According to the Pink Letter he is in a cage, but is the letter a lie?
Youngest brother of Tywin Lannister who went missing searching their ancestral sword Brightroar
Wherever **** go.
Near the end of TDWD a man gets stabbed three times. His last word was 'ghost'.
Member of kingsguard, if stories are to be believed he is dying or dead in Dragonstone.

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