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Can you name the characters who are talking about Power?

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Who's the real power in King's Landing?
You Really Think a Crown Will Give You Power?
Any Fool With a Bit of Luck Can Find Himself Born Into Power.
Why Do We Pretend the Kings Hold All the Power?
I gave you real power and authority.
A Good Man Does Everything in His Power to Better His Family's Position, Regardles of His Own Selfish Desires.
Power Is Power.
Knowledge Is Power.
What Good Is Power If You Can't Protect the Ones You Love?
Never expected to have any real power.
You should not have this power.
QuoteCharacterCorrect Answer
I think armies give you power.
I have no power. I ask the Lord for His favor, and He responds as He will.
Power Resides Where Man Believes It Resides.
The Man Without Friends Is a Man Without Power.
Because I liked it. Power. Even as a servant.
Power to Make Life, Power to Make Light and Power to Cast Shadows.
This Power in You, You Resist It And That's Your Mistake.
Power Is a Curious Thing.
He Has a Sword. A Power of Life and Death.
Sometimes Those With thw Most Power Have the Least Grace.

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