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Can you name the most usual names in a Song of Ice and Fire? I only count characters who were alive at the start of the series. I also count animals.

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Number of CharactersName
17Maester, Arryn, Bettley, Brax, Connington, Cupps, Fossoway, Lothston, Lynderly, O'Nutten, Redfort, 2 Umbers, Wylde
12Darry, Farman, Fossoway, Fowler, Goodbrook, Heddle, Poole, Rivers, Westerling
11Ambrose, Blackwood, Estermont, Frey, Haigh, Hunt, Orkwood, Stackspear
11Brax, 5 Freys, Goodbrook, Haigh, Rivers, Vance
9Arryn, Baratheon, Blackwood, 2 Brax , 2 Freys, Paege, Strong
9Cole, Humble, Short
7Clifton, Hewett, Hightower, Stone, Swyft, Wagstaff, Waters
7Bushy, Coldwater, Plumm
7Drumm, Flint, Haigh, Hill, Locke, Swann, Waynwood
7Greenfield, Hightower, Tyrell
75 Freys, 2 Rivers
6Cole, Crabb, Follard, Straw
5Blackwood, Codd, Corbray, Roote, Tyrell
4Karstark, Liddle, Ryswell, Tyrell, Wylde
5Goodbrook, Lychester, Lynderly, Pease, Vikary
5Kenning, Shepherd
5Beesbury, Clifton, Grandison, Hungerford
5Cassel, Harlaw, Ryswell, Sparr
5Eraz, Ullhor, Galare
5Drumm, Mallister, Redwyne, Strong
5Frey, Seaworth, Stackspear, Swyft, Varner
5Kenning, Stonehouse
5Marbrand, Paege, Shett
5Flint, Moreland, Peasebury, Potter, Ryger
4Bulwer, Crabb
4Blackbar, Lefford, 2 Tyrells
4Merrell, Rivers, Sawyer, Strickland
4Ambrose, Blackwood, Breakstone, Waxley
4Barleycorn, Codd, Tidewood
4Inchfield, Norrey
4Hood, Stilwood
42 Norreys, Stark, Tallhart
4Redwyne, Blackwood
4Botley, Greyjoy, Swann, Tawney
4Bracken, Bulwer, Hightower, Lefford
4Maester, Costayne, Estermont, Rivers

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