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Which character has more screentime in S05?

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CharactersAnswerScreentime difference
Mance Rayder or Myranda?
Olly or Podrick Payne?
Daenerys Targaryen or Samwell Tarly?
High Sparrow or Petyr Baelish?
Ellaria Sand or Myrcella Baratheon?
Jorah Mormont or Stannis Baratheon?
Meryn Trant or Olenna Redwyne?
Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister?
Davos Seaworth or Melisandre?
Cersei or Jaime Lannister?
CharactersAnswerScreentime difference
Jaqen H'ghar or Roose Bolton?
Hizdahr zo Loraq or Grey Worm?
Shireen Baratheon or Tormund Giantsbane?
Eddison Tollett or Gilly?
Ramsay Bolton or Theon Greyjoy?
Barristan Selmy or Varys?
Margaery Tyrell or Tommen Baratheon?
Brienne of Tarth or Bronn?
Daario Naharis or Missandei?
Arya or Sansa Stark?

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