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Forced Order
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What Is Penny's Brother's Name
To Whom Petyr Proposed to Bethrod Robb in aGoT
Who Is the Father of Waymar Royce
Eddard's Grandfather by His Father's Side
Father of Ellaria Sand
What Was the Name of Rhaenys Targaryen's (280-283) Kitten
The Heir of a Dothraki Khal Is Called
How Many Houses Have Held Harrenhal (number in written)
The Seat of Power of House Reed
Who Made Robert's War Hammer
During Which King the Red Keep Was Finished
The First Clegane Was Knighted Because He Saved
Who Was Daemon Blackfyre's Mother
To Whom Was Brienne Once Betrothed
Who Won the Archery Competition That Was Held in Eddard's Honor
Where Does House Arryn Move During Winter
What Does 'Valar Morghulis' Mean
What Was the Name of Valyrian Sword Owned by Lannisters
Who Told Daenerys That King Robert Was Dead in aCoK
Who Did Eddard Execute in the Beginning of aGoT
The Seat of House Tarly

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