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Is the Grand Northern Conspiracy True?Yes/No/Partially/Don't Know
Is the Southron Ambitions Theory True?Yes/No/Partially/Don't Know
Is the Grand Tyrell Conspiracy True?Yes/No/Partially/Don't Know
Is the Grand Faceless Men Conspiracy True?Yes/No/Partially/Don't Know
Is the Grand Maester Conspiracy True?Yes/No/Partially/Don't Know
Did Oberyn poison Tywin?Yes/No/Don't Know
Was Balon Greyjoy killed by a Faceless Man?Yes/No/Don't Know
Who poisoned the locusts?Hizdahr/Skahaz/Green Grace/Tattered Prince/Missandei/House Pahl/Don't Know/Other
Is R+L=J true?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Ashara Dayne the mother of Meera & Jojen Reed?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Lyanna Stark the Knight of the Laughing Tree?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Aegon VI a Blackfyre?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Varys a Blackfyre?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is the Gravedigger in AFFC actually Sandor Clegane in disguise?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Robert Strong Ser Gregor Clegane in disguise?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is the Green Grace of Meereen the Harpy?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Missandei a Faceless Man?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Sarella Sandsnake actually Alleras of Oldtown?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Lem Lemoncloak actually Richard Lonmouth (Rhaegar's Squire) in disguise?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Mance Rayder actually Rhaegar Targaryen?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Howland Reed the High Septon?Yes/No/Don't Know
Who is Coldhands?Benjen/Night's King/Duncan/Wight/Will/Waymar/Stonesnake/Don't Know/Other(someone else)
Who is Azor Ahai Reborn?Stannis/Jon/Dany/Victarion/Aegon/Rhaegar/Jaime/Jorah/No One/Don't Know/Other
Is Tyrion the son of Aerys II & Joanna Lannister?Yes/No/Don't Know
Are Jaime & Cersei the children of Aerys II & Joanna Lannister?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Syrio Forel alive?Yes/No/Don't Know
Did Tywin know about the Purple Wedding ahead of time?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Rhaegar's Harp in the crypts of Winterfell?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is Robb's will in Oldtown?Yes/No/Don't Know
Did Moqorro raise Victarion Greyjoy from the dead?Yes/No/Don't Know
Is the Bolt-On Theory true?Yes/No/Don't Know
What will happen to Jon Snow?Jon is only badly wounded/Jon will stay dead/Jon's ghost warged into Ghost/Don't Know/Other
Who wrote the Pink Letter?Ramsay/Mance/Stannis/Melisandre/Mors/Hother/Roose/Asha/Don't Know/Other
Who or what is lightbringer?Longclaw/Oathkeeper/Dawn/Night's Watch/Dragons/Lightbringer (Stannis's Sword)/Dark Sister/There is no current Lightbringer/Don't Know/Other

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