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Can you name the speaker in the Princess and the Queen? I accept just lastnames only for characters with 'unique' lastname and for characters whose firstname is not known.

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Forced Order
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One against six is a fight for fools, my prince
She dare not send all her dragons
What of this false king Aegon, and the kinslayer Aemond?
Let them take the black and live out their lives as men of the Night’s Watch, bound by sacred vows
What are vows to oathbreakers?
The war will end when the heads of the traitors are mounted on spikes above the King’s Gate, and not before
Half the lords of Westeros will turn against us if we are so cruel as to destroy two such ancient and noble houses
If we do not trouble him, the Cannibal will not trouble us
All they have sowed, now shall they reap
Let them come. I will meet them on Tyraxes
Bastards are treacherous by nature. It is in their blood
If the foe gains two more dragons, we are lost
Why be a lord when you can be a king?
Send him back to me when the deed is done, for we have urgent need of him
The Old King would never have asked this, of any man of honor
If I obey, Maidenpool shall be forever cursed. If I refuse, we shall be attainted and destroyed
And murdering two guests in their beds is twice as foul as murdering one. I should be doubly cursed
Would that I had never read this letter
Mayhaps you never did
You are a bad maester, but a good man
We are all traitors here
Nuncle, I hear you have been seeking us
Were I not alone, you would not have come
Yet you are, and here I am. You have lived too long, nuncle
Go home. No harm will come to you. Go home!
I want to fight for you, Mother, as my brothers did. Let me prove that I am as brave as they were
Brave they were, and dead they are, the both of them. My sweet boys
There the demons dwell, up there. This is their city. If you would make it yours, first must you destroy them!
Let them burn. The realm will not long miss them
Drunks they may be, but a drunken man knows not fear. Fools, aye, but a fool can kill a king. Rats, that too, but a thousand rats can bring down a bear
Bring him back, bring him back, he does not know. My son, my sweet, my son
Mother, forgive me
Father! Mother! Warrior! Maiden! Smith! Crone! Stranger!
We need a strong man to lead us, not a boy
A crown does not make a man a king
Any man can be killed, but what of the dragons?
We cannot ask these men to shed blood with us, then kill them
We kill the bastards now. Afterward, let the bravest of us claim their dragons and fly them into battle
Lord Hammer, my condolences. You died in the battle
The Hammer’s dead, and your boy as well. All you got left is me
Mother, flee!
I shall not walk that road again
Whose work is this? We must thank him
Dear brother. I had hoped that you were dead
After you. You are the elder
Rhaenyra was never a queen

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