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Can you name the speaker in the Princess and the Queen? I accept just lastnames only for characters with 'unique' lastname and for characters whose firstname is not known.

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Forced Order
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A raven must needs be sent to Dragonstone at once to inform Princess Rhaenyra of her father’s passing
The Iron Throne by rights must pass to His Grace’s eldest trueborn son
I myself swore no such oath. I was a child at the time
Make no mistake, should Rhaenyra ever sit the Iron Throne, it will be Daemon who rules us, a king consort as cruel and unforgiving as Maegor ever was
Seven save this realm if we seat a bastard on the Iron Throne
If we do this, it must surely lead to war. The princess will not meekly stand aside, and she has dragons
I am an old man, but not so old that I will sit here meekly whilst the likes of you plot to steal her crown
Such men as bend the knee and swear fealty to King Aegon shall suffer no harm at our hands
Let us be the first to swear, lest there be traitors here amongst us
Is Aegon king, or must we kneel and kiss the old ****?
He is not in my bed, you may be sure. Feel free to search beneath the blankets
What sort of brother steals his sister’s birthright?
Whilst any trueborn Targaryen yet lives, no Strong can ever hope to sit the Iron Throne
Aegon will have Storm’s End, and I will have this girl
Am I a king, or no? If I am king, then crown me
Get out! Monster, monster, get out, get out, GET OUT!
They stole my crown and murdered my daughter, and they shall answer for it
However, our army leaves somewhat to be desired
We have more. And ours are larger and stronger, but for Vhagar. Dragons thrive best here on Dragonstone
Find riders to master Silverwing, Vermithor, and Seasmoke... That is how we shall win this war
And how will that serve us, my lord? We want to rule the city, not burn it to the ground
The usurper will have no choice but to oppose us with his own dragons. Our nine must surely overwhelm his four
It will be five against four, and one of their four will be Vhagar. That is no advantage
I will not throw our dragons against the usurper’s unless I have no other choice
But Aegon is a green boy, and green boys are easily provoked
Dragons will win the lords over quicker than ravens
Our uncle calls us Strongs, and claims that we are bastards, but when the lords see us on dragonback they will know that for a lie
As for my half brothers, and my sweet sister Helaena, they have been led astray by the counsel of evil men
For they are of my own blood, and no man or woman is as accursed as the kinslayer
I want them attainted, I want them arrested, and I want them dead
Brother should not war against sister. Send me to her, that we may talk and reach an amicable accord
With your own tongue you admit I am your lawful queen. Why then do you serve my half brother, the pretender?
I offered her an honorable peace, and the **** spat in my face, What happens now is on her own head
And if I do as your mother bids, which one of my daughters will you marry, boy?
Go home, pup, and tell the bitch your mother that the Lord of Storm’s End is not a dog that she can whistle up at need to set against her foes
I will not fight you. I came here as an envoy, not a knight
It is not for me to tell you what to do when you are not beneath my roof
An eye for an eye, a son for a son
We only want the one, t’ square things. Won’t hurt the rest o’ you fine folks, not one lil’ hair. Which one you want t’ lose, Your Grace?
A wife’s not a son. It has to be a boy
You hear that little boy? Your momma wants you dead
My new Hand is a steel fist. We are done with writing letters
You are the lawful king of Westeros, and those who deny it are traitors. It is past time they learned the price of treason
It looks better on me than it ever did on him
The danger is my uncle
It should have been you. Staunton sent to you, yet you left it to my wife to answer, and forbade your sons to join her!
My lord is kind to say so, but the victory belongs to Tessarion
Daemon gave us these cloaks, and they’re gold no matter how you turn them
Best make an end to these lions before the dragons come
Only a craven runs from traitors

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