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Forced Order
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_ and _ are prey; wear their skins too long, and even the bravest man becomes a coward.
_ are very tempting, but a warg may soon lose contact to the mundane things of earth, and want only to fly.
_ was a legendary a First Man skinchanger defeated by the Kings of Winter in the 'savage War of the Wolves'.
_ are harder; one has to forge a lasting bond, much like a marriage. A man might befriend a _, even break a _, but no man could truly tame a _.
_ are cruel and vain beasts and can’t be easily controlled, only forced.
A skinchanger able to enter the mind of a wolf or dog is known as a _.
After a warg dies, it is possible for the warg to live a type of _, a much simpler life inside the mind of an animal he controls
_ are easy to bond with, because they are so much like humans and trusting; it becomes easier with time to enter one.
_ was defeated by the Starks in a war for Sea Dragon Point.
To seize _ is the worst abomination
It is said the greatest of the skinchangers were the _

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